Tzedakah donation

$26 USD Monthly Subscription


To subscribe for 12 monthly recurring credit card donations to AZAMRA, please choose your preferred monthly donation sum, click ADD TO CART and proceed to CHECKOUT. 
If the sum you would like to contribute is not listed, you may give a combination adding up to the desired sum. To contribute more than the sums listed, you can contribute multiples (e.g. 3 x $101 etc.)

By submitting your order, you authorize AZAMRA to charge your credit card for automatic monthly donations in the amount you have selected for a period of twelve months. You may cancel your subscription at any time by contacting AZAMRA.


Product Description

Your kind monthly recurring donations to AZAMRA help us maintain our free services providing authentic Torah teachings for today impacting the lives of hundreds of thousands of thirsty souls all over the world.

 Have a share in our work!
 Acquire the mitzvah of Tzedakah!
 Eternal merit at the click of a mouse!